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a selection of avenues to maximise your potential!

One of the most important skills that any of us, especially a true leader, can possess is the ability to understand human behaviour; the basis of all interaction.

Using Effective Performance is a very succinct and practical way of becoming more effective. It is a structured approach that is proven and transcends all management levels across all industries.

  • Applications:

  • Personal / Individuals / Students - Applying for a new job or changing your career path get clear direction. Don't waste time searching for the wrong job, get solid advice first.
  • Recruitment - Recruit the right people for your organisation, not just technically but culturally also. This process enables you to place the right candidate without personal bias. Assess them ‘fitting’ into a dynamic team and hit the ground running with a style in line with the direct line manager and your company culture.
  • Personal Development & Career Investment - For each individual to maximise their own performance becoming a great performer within an effective team. They will learn how to interact harmoniously with those different to themselves. To learn the principles of their individual behavioural styles that can develop throughout their management career.
  • Restructures – By identifying the future potential of your employees/ company with a summary overview a streamlining programme can be conducted for the organisation in line with the business needs, utilising your present employees by cross pollinating their skills.
  • Communications, Customer Service and Sales - Improve working methods, ‘Delight your Client’ and increase your bottom line!
  • Powerful Teams - creating or re-focusing. Get your team to put aside their personal goals for positive team objectives. I will teach them how to effectively work together to perform as a whole, in accordance with your management style as a direct line manager, your company culture and maximise the team’s potential.



  • I am a mentor to 4th year hospitality students at Oxford Brookes University and working closely with the careers department and offer
  • An early invaluable insight into your behavioural style, how to maximise the way you are perceived & targeted career direction
  • How to get noticed above other job applicants by sending your individual ‘brain map’ with your CV & an independent report for
    your potential employers
  • A great student rate of £150

 Don’t leave it to chance - take charge of your own personal development
Maximise your potential with this powerful tool & availing of 28 years experience.

Final Candidate Selection & Job Benchmarking
Independent & structured advice to your clients enabling you to have an edge on your competition - that pays for itself!
Employer/ Clients: Final candidate selection and job benchmarking - Outsource the hassle
Give peace of mind and a great service to all of your clients

Candidates: An improved chance of placement for your candidates above other agencies, with no upfront cost to you!
"There is nothing as unequal as the equal treatment of unequals"- Aristotle
  • "The link between strategy & execution is our people"
  • Over the years of a management career we learn many things, we take what works for us, but do we remember all of them, take the time to re-focus and be effective
    I will not teach you to suck eggs!

    Aim: To expose candidates to the quick principles that will focus their ef
    fectiveness and that can be continually reverted back to throughout their career – an investment for now and the future!

Would it be noticed if the stock was inflated to cover up theft? Probably, once the member of staff has left!

  • How to manage your Profit & Loss
  • A clear & concise approach to understanding the systems & procedures required to ensure positive financial performance
  • For each employee at every level to appreciate the call to action in contributing to the end result

Quality Assurance Audits

  • A systematic review of all contractual aspects
  • In line with the Client’s Service Level Agreements
  • Presented in a visually easily to action format

Contact Details

Gráinne McGuire Ferrari MIH BPS IOD – Managing Consultant
07827 831 915

Company Location:  Alresford, Hampshire





Industries: Media / Hospitality / Financial / Cosmetics / Educational / Government / Legal / Travel & Leisure

Gives you the edge on your competitors and time to concentrate on your core business

Recruiting and developing for success
A Harvard report states that 80% of staff turnover is attributed to incorrect recruitment – increase your staff retention

PRISM can help organisations of all sizes recruit the right people for the right jobs first time, every time!

  • Client Change Opportunities
  • Recruiting a new team member – the team dynamics change
  • Checking that an individual is right for promotion – recruit ‘Peaches not Lemons!’
  • Individual or Team Development – appraisals or reassessing responsibilities
  • Employees lacking in motivation and need re-focusing
  • The power of the team- What Makes your Team Tick!
  • Improving Communication
  • Conflict Resolution

Make the right choice economically, not an expensive mistake!





"A structured approach that is proven and transcends all management levels across all industries."



"When it more than pays for itself it makes sense to budget for it!"


A great investment for now and your future

Don’t leave it to chance - take charge of your own personal development
Maximise your potential with this powerful tool & availing of 28 years experience.